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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco where u.c. regents are going to be meeting again. protestors coming out here again and police getting ready for anything again. the story in a live report. >> are you looking for one of the best holiday deals? be careful where you shop according to a new legal complaint. live in san jose, is being accused of misleading consumers. we'll explain up ahead. >> here's a look at downtown san francisco. notice the clouds, the sea breeze is back and so is the cool weather. we'll talk about how this will eventually lead to showers this weekend, thunderstorms and where the snow will fall around the bay area. >> there's a minor backup for cash-paying lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza. even an injury crash still not causing delays. >> 6:00 this thursday morning.
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thank you for joining us. >> i'm kristen. topping our news, the big vote within the next few hours. u.c. regents will decide whether to hike tuition for thousands of students. making sure those regents know how angry they are. terry mcsweeney joins us live from the mission bay campus where today's votes will happen. >> i've got a sense of deja vu. police out here, barricades up, students vowing to come back out. the u.c. police getting ready for just about anything just like it was yesterday. here's what it looked like. (chanting) >> protestors were trying to crash the regents meeting. u.s. police used pepper spray and occasionally batons to drive the crowd back. 13 people arrested, 11 students. the u.c. regents voting to increase student fees by 8% for students whose families make more than $120,000 a year. one point yesterday a u.c. officer pulled his gun on
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protestors who had surrounded him and he was isolated at the time. according to ucpd he did the right thing. >> appears in my view that the officer showed great restraint and handled himself well. there's always an investigation. >> u.c. says the system is facing a $1 billion shortfall and has to increase revenue as well as cut spending. another issue is the change in retirement plan for u.c. workers. gonna have more on that in half an hour from right now. but in a couple hours from right now, u.c. regents meeting again and we expect protestors to be back out here. we'll see how it all plays out. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. it's 6:02. this morning new questions why state lawmakers are vacations in hawaii while california struggles with furloughs and cutbacks and who's paying for those vacations.
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the discovery comes as governor schwarzenegger tack thes a $1 billion budget deficit. enjoying a lux serious vacation, part of the trip they're spending time with lobbyists and executives. paid for by the nonprofit california independent voter project whose funding comes from the exact interest mingles with those politicians now. >> california has really big problems right now. one of the most -- highest unemployment rates in the country. to be flying to hawaii living the life of luxury on the tab of some of the most powerful interests in the state, you know, prison guards, pg&e, pharmaceutical companies. it's just appalling and quite frankly it's selfish. >> to be fair, it is recess right now in sacramento but some say it just don't look right for lawmakers to be living it up with lobbyists at a time like this. >> this morning oakland mayor ron dellums is denying a report
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he's leaving office early. he said he will complete his term. dellums is under pressure to pay a $250,000 tax debt. he was considering an early departure to take a lucrative job as a washington lobbyist. in a statement he says i remain committed to oakland because i care about the future of this great city. mayor dellums is using his last state of the city address to tout his accomplishments during his tenure. he released the address on video instead of in person. it features community leaders and oakland citizens praising dellums and his administration but no comment by dellums himself. we have a live on our website, under "see it on tv." >> it's 6:04 now. thousands of california parents who depend on the state to pay for child care now have until the end of the year to come up with a backup plan. the governor cut funding to the
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program last month but advocates sued and yesterday a judge ruled the state has to keep the program running until december 31st. 56,000 children rely on cal works for their care and democrats hope to convince governor elect jerry brown to refund the program. >> phillip garrido's attorney filed a motion to keep transcripts sealed in the jaycee dugard kidnapping. the public defender argues it would affect his right to a fair trial. he and his wife nancy kidnapped dugard when she was 11 and held her in antioch until last year. they both faced 18 charges that include rape and false imprisonment. last month six news organizationle organizationless -- organizations asked the judge to unseal the documents on dugard. >> district attorneys across northern california are accusing a leading online retailer of swindling customers out of millions of dollars. abc 7's theresa garcia is live
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in our san jose bureau with more on this story. theresa, this involves >> it sure does. and it's a popular online retail site. you've got seven district attorneys in northern california, including here in santa clara county, who have filed a civil complaint against these are some of the issues they have with the website. a lot of times you go on and see this is a site that has the best deal or unbeatable prices. a garman gps for 200 bucks. what they're saying these are not exactly hadn't statements on these websites for every product. now, the complaints against was filed in alameda county superior court. it states that the online retailers deliberately post misleading and inflated price compare songs of its competitors so it appears to offer consumers even greater discounts. they ask overstock pay at least
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$15 million in fines and restitution for misleading customers about purchase savings. also seeks an injunction to block overstock's pricing comparison. a purchase in 2007 a man bought a patio furniture set for $449 on overstock. the website claimed the nextr&p best price from other companies was about $1,000. but then when the set was delivered it had a wal-mart price sticker on it for $247. overstock insists that was an isolated stint and it follows standard prices and practices. in response to that price snafu and the accusations of misleading prices, overstock is says no one is perfect. we deny the allegations and interpretations. we do not deserve this, especially the timing of it. talking about bad timing, this is holiday season. gearing up to shop. when they see best deals, they like to believe what they see and a lot of retailers vying for
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consumer dollars. >> closing operation centers in sonoma county. their jobs are being relocated to bakersfield. a center in fresno being closed. state farm says it will reduce expenses and improve company efficiency. >> as you step out the door this morning, you'll find out you probably should take a jacket with you. >> a jacket, maybe a heavy one today and a rain jacket tomorrow. talk to mike about that. >> temperatures in the 40s this morning. good morning to you. clouds on the increase. that is keeping temperatures up in some areas holding them steady compared to yesterday. right now 39 livermore to 35 los gatos. those are the cool spots. if you look up in the north bay valleys, we're in the mid to upper 40s. that's where the clouds moved in first. half moon bay 46 and san francisco 49. we have 50 oakland and downtowards mountain view. as far as today's temperatures,
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how much cooler than yesterday. 10 degrees in some areas. mid to upper 50s in half moon bay, richmond, cloverdale, clear lake and ukiah. low to mid-60s for the rest of us and partly sunny sky. definitely more clouds in the sky today as you'll see when you step outside in a few minutes. mid-60s inland, a little more sunshine there. let's update you on the weekend forecast. big, big changes on the way. starts with a little drizzle tomorrow morning and the steady rain tomorrow evening through saturday morning. storms scattered throughout saturday and sunday. thunder possible. snow level to 3,000 feet. lingering showers on monday. a freeze is possible tuesday and wednesday morning. dry next week with temperatures still the mid-50s. >> the earlier injury crash in san ramon has been cleared from all the lanes. southbound 680 near bollinger canyon. check out the speed sensors. it did slow down to 66 mph but now it's moving at 82 mph as you
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make your way through the san ramon valley so no delays at all. sluggish traffic southbound 880 approaching 92 because of an earlier stall. what you'll find is say pretty nice and quiet ride across the san mateo bridge. a little more crowded with possibly a stall on the shoulder but noise delays in foster city. eric, kristen. >> 82 mph is illegal. who would be doing that? >> no one i know. 6:10 now. ahead, new worries about an old virus. >> plus the event that has all 33 formerly trapped chilean miners on american soil this morning. >> and settling up the deal with a flight to hawaii using our points from chase sapphire. last minute... on christmas. and sitting next to us, chevy chase. and we really hit it off.
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a live shot towards the bay bridge. a chill this morning, maybe even drizzle starting tomorrow morning. mike will update you on the weather forecast in a couple minutes. >> this morning hong kong is confirming its first case of human bird flu in seven years. a 59-year-old woman tested positive for the h1-n1 high vus after returning to hong kong from the chinese mainland and is in serious condition. the bird flu virus first struck hong kong in 1997. all chickens in the territory were killed and six died in the outbreak. the government raise the bird flu alert to serious which means there's an increased chance of others contracting the virus. >> the housekeeper fired by meg whitman, they agreed to pay her $5500 in back wages. whitman fired her shortly after the former e-bay ceo decided to run for governor.
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late september she announced she was in the u.s. illegally and claimed wittman knew that for years but didn't fire her until she decided to run for governor. she also claimed she was not fairly compensated for the work she did for the family. it followed by the defeat to jerry brown. >> we started the week with 80 degree temperatures. are you telling me we're going to end the week with snow in the bay area? >> yeah. that's sounds straight down! >> you don't get it from us. we know your job changes all the time. >> it can be challenge at times. appreciate that. looking at mount tamalpais and some of the low clouds returning to the bay area and the high clouds that will stick around during the afternoon helping shave temperatures off our -- degrees off our temperatures this afternoon but it's really the sea breeze that's going to do its biggest damage. take a look, see how you should
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dress, mainly for 40. 50 in oakland, also mountain view. mid to upper 40s the monterey bay and salinas and 41 gilroy. our highlights, more clouds. cooler temperatures, 10 degrees cooler. wet and chilly this weekend. thunder possible. even mountain snow in our mountains. mid-60s in the south bay today. about 65 campbell. as we look at the peninsula, we'll have low to mid-60s. along the peninsula mid to upper 50s. downtown south san francisco near 60. we'll have upper 50s to low 60s through most of the north bay, clear lake and bodega bay mid-50s. richmond and berkeley will struggle to the upper 60s. into the east bay valleys, mid-60s for you. low to mid-60s the monterey bay and inland. carmel may be a little cooler at 59. tonight temperatures in the 40s once again. san francisco may be a little bit warmer and 50. may have a little drizzle along the coast tomorrow morning.
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here we are. watching the cold front while we were sleeping slide through washington and oregon now knocking on our door. and it slides into the northern sections of the bay area into the afternoon. a stray shower but for the most part dry today. keep our eye on tomorrow morning, that drizzle developing along the coast. tomorrow evening the light rain developing and hanging around through saturday morning. saturday afternoon and into sunday this low will sit here and spin and hurl chunks of energy at it. that's when those waves of showers will develop. some could have some thunder and also colder air that will drop the snow level down to around 3,000 feet. mount tamalpais and hamilton will have some snow on them this weekend. your accu-weather 7-day forecast, temperatures mid-50s throughout the weekend and even next week once the rain ends. the air is so cold we may get our first freeze around the bay area tuesday or wednesday morning. frances is here. she has a new accident.
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>> five cars involved in this crash but no lanes blocked. a couple are in the center divide. threeare on the right-hand shoulder but more slows on northbound 101. find the usual delays from the capital expressway up towards allen rock anyway. kind of around 40 mph at this point. we'll check a live shot of the 280 and 17 interchange in san jose. north 280 great, no problems at all. fine all the way up the peninsula. bridge toll plaza where we're starting to see a little backup. that's actually interstate 80 camera in berkeley. headlights move westbound. it is looking pretty good. once you make your way to the bay bridge toll plaza where we have a live shot -- there we go! backed up from the cash paying lanes to the end of the parking lot. golden gate bridge quiet this morning. not even any fog. 101 san rafael also looking good and still fog-free. you can always guilty the latest traffic information by going to our website
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and you'll just need to click on the bay area traffic link. eric? >> all right, frances. thank you. it's 6:18. this morning all 33 miners who spent months trapped miles below the surface in chile are on american soil. all 33 arrived in atlanta hartsfield jackson international airport around 3:30 this morning. they're headed to los angeles. they were invited to be part of a cnn hero special this weekend. >> from the sensational showmanship of men and horses, don sanchez has it all in this week's what's hot? >> the excitement and entertainment salsa. they shake it up at the 9th salsa congress at the oakland convention center. ♪ >> a hypnotic sensational. the human force, a spectacular show. now at at&t. how about confusion of art.
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the 1010 collective brings together visual art and culinary creations in one place at the selma art center. showing off at the 12th san francisco hip-hop dancefest. ground breaking hip-hop from a global perspective at the palace of fine arts. ♪ >> hailed as the new voice of brazil. her north american tour debuts in san francisco this weekend. ♪ >> international performance and a youth orchestra, the 11th san francisco world music festival this weekend in the jewish community center. david kasos becomes an escort to lonely wealthy women in a one man show at the aurora theater. ♪ >> stirring music from the exciting youth similar
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symphony. blu-ray and dvd, a holiday classic of christmas carol from our parent company walt disney. don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> 6:21 now. coming up, barbie goes geek chic? >> an
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>> this is the latest viral video on it shows a fight that broke out in an east oakland denny's. it happened halloween night between two groups of women, some wearing costumes. they threw chairs and insults and then dishes.
6:25 am
(screaming) >> oh, my! no one was hurt but oakland police cited five of the women. investigators are determining whether more serious charges should be filed. 300,000 views. denny's release i a statement. >> the ken doll in the movie toy story 3 was all about his dream house and outfits. but barbie is a different story. mattel unveiled computer engineered barbie at microsoft campus. the icon tries to be geek chic with blue tube, trendy square glasses. it's trying to encourage girls to go into science. fewer than 10% of american engineers are women. don't know if you remembered about a decade ago there was a barbie doll that you pushed a
6:26 am
button and said "math is hard." >> the count that has the gop vowing to take an east bay registrar of voters to court. >> g.m. stock trading again on the new york stock exchange. what the shares will go for coming up next. >> here's a look at our major airports across the lower 48. no delays but we have rain in seattle and portland and rain heading to the easternnnnnnnnnnn
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. ♪ good morning. 6:29 and trading is about to begin on wall street. check this out. the man ringing the bell at the
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new york stock exchange, the ceo for general motors. nearly everyone in the financial world's attention with the company completing its biggest financial turn-around in history. trading stock publicly under the ticker symbol of dollar sign g.m. and the market cap $53 billion. that's huge. jenelle joins us live with what this means for g.m. >> kristen, after veering in bankruptcy less than two years ago and taking a $50 billion government bailout, general motors is reemerging as a public company bigger than ever. initial stock offering the largest in u.s. history. common stock at $33 each and expected to raise at least $20 billion today. the government's take will drop from 61% to 33% if all available shares are sold. g.m. unveiled its newest cars at
6:31 am
a auto show this week. car buyers who never considered g.m. during the bailout may now give the company a chance. >> they're an unstable company and i was worried about my investment in a vehicle. >> and now? >> no. i'm here shopping. so -- (laughter) so i'm not worried about it. >> we're taking on a new responsibility, that we're a public company again. that we have an obligation to perform and perform well. i know we're up to it. >> the government will make $13 billion selling shares today. it plans to sell more in the coming years. president obama issued a statement about g.m. stating saying supporting the american auto industry required tough decisions but rescued the industry. an independent study says the bailout saved more than 1.4 million jobs. we're going to get an update from the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes. eric? >> jenelle, thank you very much. it's 6:31 now. palo alto police are warning residents to be cautious if they're on the street at night.
6:32 am
this heads up in the wake of two attempted robberies in the city on tuesday evening. in the first incident a gunman wearing a hooded sweatshirt tried to rob a man in his garage. the suspect ran without taking anything. the second attempt 10 p.m. in the 900 block of university avenue. three men approached the victim. one pulled a gun and once again there was a scuffle. the would-be robbers ran away. the victims suffered only minor injuries. >> the preliminary hearing to determine whether seven suspects should stand trial in the richmond high school gang rape continues for the fourth straight day. yesterday they debated whether the injuries suffered by the victim were caused by her attackers or self-inflicted. the district attorney says an envelope details her medical records were subpoenaed. a defense attorney argued the girl could have been intoxicated and fell to the floor injuring her hands and knees. the prosecutor says her medical record will end the debate.
6:33 am
>> it's fair to say that critical was putting it minor. i mean, she had injuries that were life-threatening. >> the lawyers in the case have yet to see the girl's medical records but it is expected to be discussed in open court in the coming days. >> another seagull has been spotted with a beer can collar. the group wild rescue sent a photo yesterday on the san francisco state campus. there have been several such sightings over the past couple weeks in the city and on the peninsula. on monday wild rescue caught one of the birds in san francisco and cut the beer can that had been forced around its neck. there's a $6,000 reward for information leading to whomever is doing this to the seagulls. >> u.c. students are poised for another day of massive protests against the university of california regents. today they're voting to increase tuition for next year. the showdown has already led to arrests. terry mcsweeney is live at mission bay campus ahead of the vote there. >> appropriately enough here at
6:34 am
ucsf the story is all about learning as in did we learn anything from yesterday's clash between police and protestors in round one. today they'll all be back for round two. >> all told, 13 protestors arrested when it was all said and done, 11 students outside the building where regents were meeting. a few times students tried to push past a police line only to be pushed back by police. they used batons and pepper spray. one pulled his gun at one point, did not fire it. today regents took a vote on an 8% hike for students that make $120,000 a year. protestors don't like the proposed changes to the pension plan. it would be unfair for those making $50,000 a year or less. >> their pay replacement would go down by about 26% according to the u.c.'s numbers. where as someone earning
6:35 am
$200,000 would see no reduction. >> one of the finest university systems in the world. and we would have an obligation to maintain excellence and access for our students and we can't afford it. >> the pension plan issue will be discussed next month. the vote on the tuition increase comes today. the protestors say they'll be back. police already back on campus. some students were telling me yesterday they're not going to be back today because they've got classes to go to. although many students to campuses closer to san francisco, for example berkeley, are saying they will return. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks, terry. 6:35. a federal appeals court will allow live television coverage of the upcoming appeal of california same sex marriage ban. in august a federal judge struck down proposition 8 as unconstitutional. the judge wanted to broadcast
6:36 am
the trial. largely they thought the broadcast could intimidate witnesses. the voter-approved ban remains in place while the case is appealed. abc 7 and c-span are the two to carry the hearing live. >> the battle over gays in the military will soon return to gress. senator majority leader says he will revisit it after thanksgiving. he promised during his re-election campaign he'd try again to repeal "don't ask, don't tell." leading republicans including senator john mccain say they'll oppose lifting the ban. >> the california republican party says it will pursue its lawsuit against contra costa county over whether election count observers have the right to challenge specific signatures on vote by mail ballots. the issue stems from the very close race in the 11th congressional district where
6:37 am
democratic incumbent jerry mcnearney holds a slim lead over david harmer. there was a court hearing on the counting of ballots. steve we're provided election monitors with closeup access with the voter signature verification process which slowed down the counting. but weir has refused gop demands for the right to challenge a signature on vote by mail or ballots. >> look at all the overcast. >> yeah, it's true. i thought you were gonna say look at the smooth traffic flow on the bay bridge. haven't seen that for some time either. it's chilly out there the. >> i'll take care of the forecast. i know frances has a new accident. we'll get do her in just a second. good morning to you. the dramatic in temperatures. stair stepping a little every day, four, five degrees. today 8 to 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. concord 9.
6:38 am
fremont, oakland, san jose 10 and santa rosa 12 degrees cooler today. 8:00 this morning we're going to have mainly cloudy conditions. there will be pockets of sunshine but the clouds, the sea breeze bringing us cooler weather. by noon you can see upper 50s to low 60s with pockets of sunshine developing. we'll have a mixture of low clouds along the coast. lingering low clouds along the bay shore 4:00 and temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. most of us top out around 1:00 in the low 60s except for the coast where we're mid to upper 50s. seven-day forecast, look at the weekend. drizzle tomorrow morning, steady rain tomorrow evening through saturday morning. showers, thunderstorms possible saturday, sunday and a lesser extent monday and a snow level down to 3,000 feet here in the bay area. here's frances with that new accident. >> mike, it's westbound 80 alamo drive. it's an injury crash reportedly in the right lane. most people will also be happy
6:39 am
to know about this early accident in san jose. this probably impacts more of those here in the bay area. north 101, this accident has been cleared. there's a little slowing there and it's under the speed limit as you make your way from tully towards allen rock. mass transit reporting no delays now. that's a good way to go. there were big problems yesterday on bart but so far nothing reported this morning. westbound 80 you see speed sensors moving at 72 mph so that accident at alamo drive not causing big problems. we'll check out what interstate 80 looks like here in berkeley closer to home. it's more crowded. the drive 1 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza things have backed up now to the foot of the maze. a slow wait to the metering lights. that's why it's looking clearer across the upper deck into san francisco. look for backups here now. eric, kristen. >> got a winner, gotta have a loser. thanks, frances.
6:40 am
it's 6:39. >> who are the winners on wall street. trading underway now. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. as we mentioned, g.m. shares being traded publicly again. that's the big news. the dow up 114 points. >> and is it more option than institution? what a new survey says about marriage in america. >> and is she an author or a candidate. the new interview that has some saying sarah palin's upcoming book tour is more politics than she's letting on. >> say lawsuit takes aim at a popular retailer right at the start of the shopping season. live in san jose, we'll let you know about the allegations againstttttttttttttttttttttttttt
6:41 am
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♪ welcome back. 6:43. your california forecast. look at all the clouds along the coast with 58 big sur to 52
6:44 am
eureka and light rain. should stay out of the central valley, 76 fresno. like the warmest weather in southern california, 81 palm springs. breezy up in the sierra today with 56 tahoe. as we look towards tomorrow and through the weekend, winter storm watch, 2 to 4 feet of new snow about 7,000 feet and the snow will lower to 2,000 feet on sunday which means getting home could be a little tricky. >> it's 6:44 now. today marks a grim day in bay area history. it was 32 years ago when more than 900 people, mostly from the bay area, died in the jonestown massacre. a memorial service will be held this morning at the evergreen cemetery in oakland. that's where many of the victims are buried. part of a seven-panel granite wall with the name of those who died was unveiled at the annual memorial two years ago. 305 children were among those led to a mass suicide in 1978. they had moved to jonestown as part of the people's temple.
6:45 am
>> when voters say you're hired to donald trump in 2012. he told george stephanopoulos he's thinking about running for president. he says he's reluctant but he's worried about the country's future and thinks he could stand up to america's rivals. trump said he would likely run as a republican if he enters the race. you can hear his entire interview on "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. >> so potentially it could be the donald's deep pockets against sarah palin's tea party nomination. some think she's testing the waters for a presidential run. barbara walters asks we're where she stands. >> i'm looking at the lay of the land now and trying to figure that out, if it's a good thing for the country, for the discourse, for my family, if it's a good thing. >> if you ran for president, could you beat barack obama? >> i believe so.
6:46 am
>> you can watch the entire interview with sarah palin on barbara walters ten most fascinating people. it airs december 9th at 10 p.m. >> the world's largest biotech company slashing jobs and bracing the return of g.m. this morning. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange with more on all that and, jane, this was the company everybody felt was dead a couple years ago and it's bouncing back. >> you know what, eric and kristen, if it wasn't for the u.s. taxpayer they would be dead. but the bailout and seems like they're on the right course here. this is a historic day for g.m., of course. and, as you know, barely on life support. it went bankrupt, bailed out. emerged from bankruptcy about a year and a half ago. now it's back and trading. shares opened here just about ten minutes ago. trading 35 to 45. that's a 7% gain. initially prized yesterday at
6:47 am
$33. today is the day that you and i can buy it if we so choose to and there's where they're trading. ticker symbol g.m. by the way. exciting. executives ringing the opening bell. they had a sound system of cars. exciting to see g.m. coming back here. as for the overall markets, also ireland looking like it's going to get bailed out by the european union. the markets relieved by that. and the bloomberg silicon valley index is trading up more than 1%. meanwhile drug maker roesh cutting 4800 jobs at its south san francisco based facility. another 100 manufacturing jobs and 90 oceanside. they're blaming the new healthcare reform bill for these job cuts as well as set back with its breast cancer and diabetes treatment. we also talk about retailers this time of year.
6:48 am
can't forget about pets. petsmart's third quarter earnings smashed wall street estimates. the line of store products helping this result and also strength in the doggie day gam p pet hotels and the grooming businesses. yep, pet hotels. >> more news now, 6:48. san francisco will soon have its first target store. the development agents unanimously approved plans on the first two floors of the metrion. it will create 250 permanent jobs and bring an estimated $1.7 million in sales tax revenue each year. with the 100,000 square foot store slated to open 2012, target also wants to open another store. >> health officials are warning living in a city may have a negative impact on your brain. a study from the university of
6:49 am
michigan in ann arbor found that living in an urban environment makes it more difficult for an individual to hold things in memory. they scored lower on attention tests. results found that just getting glimpses of green areas can improve your brain performance. >> you know, when it comes to dirty air, california is america's unchallenged leader with seven cities and a top ten list of the most polluted. it puts bakersfield in the number one position followed by los angeles, fresno and hanford rounding out the top ten of polluted cities, the list, phoenix, arizona, number six. birmingham, alabama, number 7. number 8 med -- modesto and pittsburgh -- not our pittsburg. >> yeah. >> bakersfield, that's where
6:50 am
most of it goes. frost, we have winds. they're blowing in from the ocean but do not have much pollution. just a lot of clouds. that's why you're seeing such a beautiful sun rise this morning. come up in seven minutes from mount tamalpais and the winds brought in the clouds and the cooler weather also. check out our temperatures. you may not feel it this morning as we're in the 40s and 50s mountain view. definitely feel the cooler weather this afternoon. temperatures monterey bay with the cloud cover mid to upper 40s. 41 gilroy. it's the cloud cover. it's the sea breeze that will make temperatures drop nearly 10 degrees today. it will be wet and chilly this weekend. thunder's possible and even mountain snow in our highest elevations. we'll have mid-60s with a partly cloudy sky. partly cloudy on the east bay shore with upper 50s richmond and berkeley. low to mid-60s from oakland to fremont at 63. down in the south bay partly cloudy. mid-60s for you. partly cloudy conditions on the
6:51 am
peninsula with low to mid-60s but mainly cloudy along the coast. pockets of sunshine but mid to upper 50s for you. downtown south san francisco near 60. upper 50s to low 60s through the north bay valleys. your beaches you'll be in the mid-50s. monterey bay, low to mid-50s. sunshine inland with mid-60s. maybe a little cooler carmel and clouds 59. tonight more widespread cloud cover. even drizzle possible along the coast and the bay shoreline. 50 possible around san francisco. our high pressure still be shoved down to the south at this very cold, heavy air mass coming over from siberia is working its way through the gulf of alaska and touching washington and oregon. portland, the rain at the airport if you're heading that way. 7:00 this morning not much going on all the way through this evening. you can see the drizzle developing along the coast during the morning commute and the rain spills in the bay by 7:00 in the evening.
6:52 am
rain will stay steady throughout the overnight hours for saturday morning. by saturday afternoon more showery in nature. this is when we'll have the chance of some thunder and when the snow levels will drop down to around 3,000 feet and this will also hang auto around sunday and to a lesser extend monday. temperatures this weekend mid-50s. even once the rain leaves us, still the mid-50s tuesday and wednesday. watch for the lows those mornings. they could be frosty in a lot of areas. beautiful picture here from mountain view yesterday. look at the serious clouds, the sun angle this time of year as it shoots through those ice crystals. creates a sun dog and beautiful picture. thank you for sharing that with us. if you have a whether video, especially from this weekend, ought to be beautiful with snow on diablo and hamilton. just upload those pictures and movies to us or e-mail it. here's frances. >> mike, we love those pictures.
6:53 am
send us more. now we're hearing folks are having trouble getting on westbound 80 because of an accident at alamo drive. actually blocking the right lane. causing delays for the onremain but westbound 80 not much of a slowdown. at the bay bridge toll plaza, things backed up past the 8080 overcrossing at this point. about a 15 to 20 minute wait. 680 you walnut creek. cars are a little more crowded. no major trouble through the san ramon valley and sunol grade. the san mateo bridge fine in both directions. gray skies overhead. 880 sluggish approaching 92 due to an earlier stall. also a normal delay. another part of the bay we'll show you the 280 and 17 interchange. headlights move northbound. looking good through downtown san jose. on the peninsula light traffic on 101 in millbrae. no trouble on the peninsula or
6:54 am
also on 101 in the north bay. you can always get the latest anytime by going to our website is the place to go and it's under the bay area traffic link. kristen. >> frances, thanks. fewer americans are saying i do and fewer still will say it in the future. in a survey, 39% of americans now say marriage is obsolete. that's up from 28% in a time magazine survey in 1978. today only 54% of american adults are married and the median age that first marriage is at its highest point ever, 28 for men and 26 for women. the institution of marriage is not as dominate as it once was but it's not about to disappear. 6:54. police braced for a second day of protest as u.c. regents ready to raise tuition. >> the regents are meeting this morning. >> and the barricades are up. the police are all over the
6:55 am
place out here. protestors say they're coming back. got violent out here yesterday (chanting) >> protestors tried to force their way past police and into the regents meeting. today those regents are going to vote on an 8% increase for students who is folks make $120,000 a year or more. police yesterday using batons, pepper spray. one even pulled a gun. did not fire. 13 people arrested. two of them were not students. today comes the actual vote on tuition. protestors also upset about a pension plan overhaul that would push retirement age from c. workers from 60 to 65. we are a billion dollars in the red a spokesperson says and we need to increase revenue and this is how we have to do it. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. other top story of the morning comes to us from theresa garcia. >> good morning, terry. a new legal complaint against
6:56 am and may have consumers wondering how honest is that unbeatable deal or best price claim. what's happening is you've got seven district attorneys including from here in santa clara county taking up a civil complaint against it was filed in alameda superior court. it accuses the retailer misleading price comparisons with competitors so it appears to offer consumers even greater discounts. the complaint seeks an injunction to block pricing comparison. >> says the company pay $15 million in fines and restitution for misleading customers about purchased savings. a purchase in 2007 a man bought a patio furniture set for $449 on overstock. it listed the next best price was about $1,000. when the set was delivered, it had a wal-mart price sticker on it for $247.
6:57 am
overstock is insisting this is an isolated incident and denying these allegations of misleading prices. pretty upset about the timing right when consumers are gearing up for their holiday shopping and it is concerned about its reputation when everybody' vying for consumer dollars. >> theresa, thanks a lot. >> final look at weather and traffic. >> cooler today with temperatures mainly upper 50s to low 60s. maybe 60s east bay valleys and light rain possible cloverdale and clear lake late this afternoon. the biggest rain tomorrow through the weekend. frances. >> toll plaza backed up past the 880 overcrossing. a new accident at the san mateo bridge toll plaza blocking toll lane number 6. we're getting a few accidents just in now as well. southbound 280 and 380 in san bruno. that's blocking a lane. and also eastbound 80 near 780 we're hearing about an overturn crash on the shoulder. >> thank you, frances. thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local
6:58 am
update at 7:24. rule the tweet.
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